Condemn Antisemitic FSU Senate President Ahmad Daraldik

Sign this petition to tell Florida State University President John Thrasher that antisemitism must be condemned and that Ahmad Daraldik should be removed from office.

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The recently-appointed Florida State University senate president has been EXPOSED as a bigoted, unapologetic antisemite. Ahmad Daraldik has a long history of deeply problematic behavior that has endangered the very students he’s supposed to “lead” and should be removed from office immediately.  


Supported by “Students for Justice in Palestine,” a hate group that frequently promotes antisemitic rhetoric, Daraldik himself has expressed extreme hostility towards Jewish and pro-Israel students. For instance, in an Instagram post, he ended his caption with “#fuckisrael” - a hashtag meant to demonize Israel and spread negative lies about Jews. Additionally, Daraldik made a Facebook post with the caption "stupid jew thinks he is cool." The image attached to the post was found to be a fake photo of an Israeli soldier holding a gun at a young girl. The image was part of a Palestinian propaganda campaign referred to as "Pallywood" in which Palestinians staged photos to spread lies about Israel. Ironically, Daraldik’s actions reflect a similar intolerance shown by the previous senate president whom Daraldik was selected to replace. With such outwardly antisemitic behavior, how is Daraldik ANY better than our flawed leadership from before?

What’s the point of switching out a controversial leader if his replacement is just another student who shares as much––if not, more––offensive beliefs? The answer’s simple: there is NO point, and Daraldik must be removed from his position immediately. We MUST do better. Allowing Daraldik to continue his presidency means our student body supports hostility and racism on campus. We cannot stand for this.

FSU students want a leader that is focused on their best interests - not on hateful political agendas. Further, we deserve a leader that won’t vilify Jewish students. Last, we need a leader that will let students feel safe at FSU, no matter how they identify themselves. Ahmad Daraldik is NOT that leader. His hatred for Jews has no place in our community, let alone in such a powerful position as student government.

Florida State University should be a place for all walks of life. Right now, Jewish students and faculty are in danger under Daraldik’s leadership. Sign the petition to CONDEMN intolerant bigot Ahmad Daraldik and DEMAND his removal from office.